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The Russolini Schnitzel

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Pub staples, the schnitty and chicken parma have long been paired with the adjective “classic” for good reason. When looking at the incalculable amount of culinary inventions of our time, both old and new, there are some dishes that just can’t be manufactured or written-off as outdated. They continue to invoke nostalgic connections to things beyond just the sustenance they provide – be it your mum’s cooking, or that victorious moment in the greatest sporting match ever watched with your closest friends at the local pub. They’re proof that simple is best and provides a comfort that never gets old.

This is what famous chef Danny Russo set out to capture when partnering up with M&J Chickens to produce the Russolini Schnitzel.

Featured twice in the New York Times, the award-winning chef’s approach to food has always been about refining the classics; striving to create innovative, contemporary Italian food without ever compromising the classic Italian cucina. Heading Russolini – the all-encompassing consultancy group for the food service industry – Danny has been astutely crafting bespoke menus tailored specifically for each client.

Working closely with M&J, he established a schnitzel exclusive to one of Russolini’s famous clients, Ambervale Hotel, located in South West Sydney. One of the more technical schnitzels M&J has produced, particularly on a commercial scale, the 200g supreme, bone-in, butterflied and flattened product not only surpassed the client’s expectations but was treated as more than just a schnitzel (one that can also transform into a delicious chicken parma). He methodically put together ingredients for the schnitzel to conjure that “home-y” feeling, capturing the flavours and sensations you get with mum’s cooking – food that’s always made with love. Using panko and sourdough crumb, paired with hand-cut chips (skin left on for that extra crunch) and a fresh salad, the Russolini Schnitzel offers “the edge in terms of a pure eating experience,” as The Australian Gourmet Traveller has written of Danny’s food.

Similar to the partnership with Russolini in developing a bespoke schnitzel for a particular client, M&J strives to take the hard work off your hands and only deliver quality and convenience tailored to your industry. Offering 10 different types of crumb and using butterfly breast and scaloppini for best portion control; as well as achieving the very difficult task of producing a bone-in-thigh fillet flattened and crumbed on a commercial scale, we offer the most consistent and versatile product on the market.

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