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Danny Russo and M&J

back to the coop

Gone are the days where pubs and hotels could get away with serving sub-par, generic food to the masses; patrons and consumers are now savvy and sophisticated and expect restaurant-quality food. That’s why M&J Chickens has taken the hard work out for those in the industry short on skills or resources, by producing the highest-quality poultry that can be served with the least amount of cooking time. Just like the ‘Russolini Schnitzel’ we created in collaboration with Danny Russo for renowned Russolini client, the Ambervale Hotel in Sydney’s South West, we’ve seen the gaps in the market and have successfully tailored our range to suit.

With a Chef’s Hat under his belt and twice mentioned in the New York Times, award-winning chef Danny Russo is one of Australia’s prolific culinary heavyweights; drawing from his childhood in Southern Italy and professional experience in kitchens across Europe (including London, Rome, and Marseille) to create an impressive body of work in Italian cuisine.

From the beginning, Danny has championed authentic, traditional flavours; never compromising the integrity of the classic Italian cucina for the connection to one’s roots, whilst elevating them with a modern style. His all-encompassing consultancy group for the food industry, Russolini, continues to carry on that legacy. As one of Australia’s most respected and skilled bespoke food service consultancy groups, it focuses on delivering tailored food service projects that enliven a client’s operations, branding, and bottom-line. That’s why the organisation prioritises quality, freshness, cleanliness, ethical supply, and product with a story behind it. “M&J ticked all the boxes,” says Danny.

It may sound like we’re putting all of our eggs in one basket, but when it comes to their company mission, Russolini was our proverbial business twin. Taking a holistic approach to delivering unique and inventive operational solutions, they (and we) re-position or improve client’s food and service offerings.

We’ve built a strong rapport with Danny as the superior supplier over several years for Russolini’s well-known clients and look forward to many more, as M&J Chickens continues to be the trusted organisation that delivers more than just poultry.

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