Corporate social responsibility

M&J Chickens works closely with organisations tasked with ensuring our schools are receiving the correct information regarding the nutrition value school canteen products are serving.


Schools across Australia are looking for healthy options for their canteens and rely on the Healthy Kids Product Registration Scheme to assist them. The Healthy Kids Product Registration scheme is the leading food and drinks registration program for school canteens. It is highly regarded and trusted by canteen managers and is relied upon in helping make better product choices. Canteen managers can be confident that featured products have been independently assessed by the Healthy Kids dietitians and nutritionists; meet the relevant state/territory healthy school canteen guidelines; and where appropriate the Healthy Kids Nutrient Criteria; and are better choices for their school canteen.

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For decades M&J Chickens have been actively supporting the local and wider community. From sponsorship of national sporting teams to helping local arts and culture, M&J believes we make a real difference to the communities in which we work & live.
M&J takes great pride in donating a proportion of our revenue to several communities and charitable organisations.
They include:

Special Children’s Christmas Party

Once again thank you so much for your previous and generous support of the Sydney Special Children’s Christmas Party. We would not be able to host an event of this size if it was not for the generosity of people like yourself, the business community and government organisations in Sydney
– Dan Stevens

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