With the ever-increasing saturation of pubs, clubs, and hotels in the country and the burgeoning food culture that surrounds the industry, owners and managers of these cultural and historical institutions are finding it harder to keep up with demand. Not only is it getting progressively difficult to produce the sheer number of meals required for those busy nights, but maintaining the quality whilst producing at an incredibly fast pace can be challenging.

Enter the innovative approach to food production by M&J Chickens: with the Heat & Serve range – a selection of pre-portioned, pre-prepared dishes that have been long-time favourites among pub-goers nationwide, preparation time among the busiest of industries can be significantly decreased. Not only does this alleviate the pressure of having to serve a large number of people in a short amount of time, but there’s also no sacrifice to the quality and flavour of meals.

Our range has been made with care and precision, as we have an experienced chef who makes all of our recipes, and also assists in the development of our customized solutions for selected businesses. The freshly-frozen or chilled products all have a 42 day to 12-month shelf-life, and the maximum amount of cooking time is no longer than 15 mins for any given product. Some of these include crumbed tenderloin, devil bites, and the all-too-famous pub-grub, chicken schnitzel. All of these classics can be deep-fried within 3-4 minutes or oven-baked within 10-12 minutes.

We’ve made sure to tailor the product for the avid pub consumer. In other words, we’ve heard the industry’s concerns and we’re delivering a quality product that results in increased productivity and increased revenue for businesses – without taking away any of the ‘class’ from a ‘class’-ic parmigiana of course!

For more information on our range of products, head to the Pub & Club essentials page.