In the era of everything-gone-mobile, the dining experience is no exception. And despite the varying opinions when it comes to reading physical books versus digital ones, opinions on the food truck front have been pretty unanimous. Access to high-quality food in convenient locations that doesn’t break the budget has fans the world over – in other words, a concept many would deem a “winner-winner, chicken dinner.”

Since its advent, largely believed to have been started in 2008 by Los Angeles chef Roy Choi, the restaurant on wheels has been complementing existing businesses and livening up areas that would otherwise be considered isolated, and therefore unsafe. Similarly, the fact that it also brings a sense of community among diners has been a big contributing factor in the food truck boom since.

This sense of community was a driving force (pun intended) in our initial plan as a family business, to start bringing our chicken directly to hungry mouths spanning all of New South Wales (and even a stint in Victoria). With a large range of heat-and-serve and semi-cooked products, the full-functioning industrial kitchen that the food truck offered also allowed us to product-test direct to consumer. Additionally, as an organisation that’s committed to our sponsor and charitable relationships, we could utilise these trucks by not only raising funds for great causes, but also feeding those truly in need.

In less than a year, we’ve worked with several organisations on a number of events, including fundraising for Youth Off The Streets in partnership with The Bearded Bakers and our sporting partners, the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs. We’ve also joined forces with the National Indigenous Culinary Institute for NAIDOC week and have earmarked several other events with our partners over the months to come.

As a great leveraging tool to bring catering, entertainment and benefits (both financial and otherwise) to our collaborating partners, we are able to design menus to an individual event or target audience. If you would like to collaborate with the M&J Food Truck for your next event or fundraiser, please contact the M&J Marketing Department: